“Kavga” is out! There is no end to this song!

In today’s hazy atmosphere where there is the illusion that there are no revolutionary music groups left, we came together as 15 revolutionary music groups who see art as a strong part of social struggle. Our musical ‘Fight‘ for an equal and free world became an album. Each group presented a new song for a new world. With the songs in different languages in the album, we sought to embrace the common struggle of the peoples, every colour of the revolution with the union of different musical styles, the struggle for freedom and existence of young people, women, LGBTI+s, the working class, oppressed nations and belief groups.

In a time when festivals are banned, concerts are prevented, the work of revolutionary music groups is tried to be ended in various ways, musicians are condemned to poverty and censorship, this joint album is an effort of revolutionary music groups that do not surrender to the dominant order to breathe.

In the album, which can be listened to on all listening platforms and solmuzik.com, Sol Anahtarı Music Group from Cyprus invites to be ‘three clouds and one rain for tomorrow and love’. What Praksis emphasises as ‘the road is long but the road never ends’ is the road that Sarya Music Ensemble attributes to the 33 young revolutionary hearts we lost in Suruç.

Yeldeğirmeni calls out against the hegemony of the rulers: “The fight is not in the minority, but as we unite”. The melodies of hope meet the instruments of Vardiya: The name of the hope that ‘cannot be handcuffed’ is Ulaş. Aryen Kom calls to be a storm against the palace of oppression, the İsyan Ateşi carries the melody and greeting of Katyusha to today. While Gölgedekiler invite us out of the cocoon to live, Adalılar invite us to the possibility of a flower other than being contaminated by dying in the middle of the crazy waves.

Liberte’s lines on Don Quixote’s fate “there is no way, windmills must be fought” are combined with the song of Umuda Haykırış, which shares the story of communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya on the 50th anniversary of his martyrdom.

6 February earthquake turned into a catastrophe and Kaldırım Music Ensemble, which managed to survive despite the destruction of the government, calls ‘out of the house, forward from the street’ for accountability, while the Street Orchestra (İDA), in the song it recorded with the signatories of the Academics for Peace Declaration, harmonises epic lyrics in a jazz style and repeats the only rule of the order: “Capital must always increase”.

JinMa carries the will and voice of women’s struggle against oppression and male domination to the album with the song ‘Ez jîn im’. Geniş Merdiven invites each of us to be a subject by saying “this story is yours, this life is yours”.

This unity is a beginning. We want to spread the revolutionary enthusiasm that comes out of all the groups sharing the same excitement by shouldering each other in harmony. We know that many more music groups will be involved in future collaborations. Thus, our common chords, timbres and comradeship will be strengthened. There is a world we will win: A new world. We have a long road ahead of us and we know that this road is the road where, years ago today, the guitarised hands of the revolutionary musician Victor Jara defeated General Pinochet. 

May our path be clear, not with repetition but with persistence: ‘Fight, No End to This Song!