Revolutionary Music Groups 2 nd Joint Album is On Air: “Freedom Has Hands”

We share with you the album “Freedom Has Hands“, a joint production of 16 revolutionary music groups that witnessed this moment of history and the order of exploitation,not content withwitnessing and sharpened their songs for the overthrow of this order. On the occasion of this album, we salute the hands that create life “from underground to earth”, the struggle of sweat of brow, the fight of our class and our feast, May Day.

We came together under the title of Solmuzik(Left Music) and released the album “Kavga(Fight)” last September. Each revolutionary music group joined the album with a new composition in its own originality. “Freedom Has Hands”, which we put together with intense work even less than a year later, is again an album consisting of productions in different languages and musical styles. Through these albums, we managed to build a strong bond and solidarity between revolutionary music groups. Ours was a unity in the pursuit of producing the songs of today’s revolutionary struggle: Glory be, long live!

With this album, we present our struggle 16 new songs that set their eyes on the horizon of a world without classes and exploitation.

Group ─░syan Ate┼či makes a “Kavgaya ├ça─čr─▒(Call to Fight)” in our epic “extending from the past to the present”. Muteriz builds a bridge from K├Âro─člu’s language to “becoming one” for our struggle: “Pazubent takmal─▒ kola(Must wear an arm-band)”. Geni┼č Merdiven Orchestra leaves a new “Tohum(Seed)” for this album by saying “What’s the point of being lost in a fight when you can fall in love for the “survivors”.

In the song “Emek Cemresi”, Group Vardiya calls the voice of the wheels and hope to the black winter order, while Grup Yelde─čirmeni “celebrates the sisterhood written in history” in “Ya┼čan─▒lacak D├╝nya(The World to Live)”. As the owners of the dawn appear in the “Sunflower” of the G├Âlgedekiler, Umuda Hayk─▒r─▒┼č calls the name of this mighty power that holds the world in its hands: the “Proletariat”.

The rhetoric of “Who the hell did I work for!” in Sokak Orchestra‘s “Unchained Blues”, and the epic narratives in the “Kasiyerin ┼×ark─▒s─▒(Song of the Cashier)” of Sol Anahtar─▒ confront us with the reality held together by chains. Praksis whispers into the life content of the capitalist order in the absence of all possibilities: ”This order has nothing to give us”.

While Hevra calls out for May 1 for our bread and freedom by calling out “O gundi ├╗ karker├¬n Kurdistan” with “Rabin”, Bajar underlines the state that is overflowing from the feelings of those on the side of labor in “Heq Heq”: “Sebra me nema”. The labor, which Group Munzur says in “D├╝┼čle(Dream)” as “When you touch it, the wheel starts to turn”, is merged with the ground opened by Vodvil by dividing what is happening with “Fakat(But)” and saying “The harder you watch, the harder you walk”.

JinMa’s voice carries the voice of female warriors, “Deng├¬ jin├¬n t├¬ko┼čer li Kurdistan├¬” in the song “1ÔÇÖ├¬ Gulan├¬” and “Jina Azad” of the Sarya M├╝zik Toplulu─ču unite on the podium of May 1, becoming both a sword and a shield: “Him ┼č├╗re him j├« mirtal e”.

The album is available on all listening platforms, especially on our website Here is to many May Days, albums, revolutions…

Long live May Day!